Sennheiser GSP 500 Wired Gaming Headset

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The Sennheiser GSP 500 Gaming Headset is a perfect addition to your gaming kit. It delivers true-to-life sound effects and makes the gameplay seem realistic. The impressive build of the gaming headset features an intelligent design that not only ensures incredible comfort to the user but also enables them to adjust the contact pressure for a perfect fit. Furthermore, the Sennheiser wired gaming headset is also integrated with a bendable microphone that ensures crystal clear communication with other gamers. The bold black finish on the headset blends in well with its stylish design.

Key Features
Open Acoustic Wired Gaming Headset
Unrivaled Audio Fidelity
Crystal-Clear Communication
Multi-Platform Compatible

Superb Sound
The Sennheiser gaming headset brings video game sound effects to life and enhances your gaming experience by many folds. The open-back acoustic design of the headset creates a perfect sound balance to provide spatial and natural sound. Furthermore, the Sennheiser gaming headset also offers an epic bass performance and impeccable sound clarity for an unmatched gaming experience.

Designed for Extreme Comfort
The Sennheiser gaming headset is comfortable to wear. It features an ergonomic design to ensure that you experience ultimate comfort even while gaming for hours and hours. The well-thought shape of the ear pads makes them fit perfectly on your ears, so you do not have to adjust the headset mid-game. In addition to enhancing the sound reproduction, the open design of the headset also lets your ear breathe.

Impressive Build
The Sennheiser gaming headset redefines innovation. It boasts of an adjustable headband and a metal hinge system to provide a customized fit. Thanks to the adjustable contact pressure and 2-axis hinge mechanism, the Sennheiser gaming headset turns out to be suitable for a broad range of face shapes and head sizes.

Stay Connected to your Team
For uninterrupted and crisp, clear interaction with other gamers during the gameplay, the Sennheiser gaming headset is equipped with an advanced microphone, which is engineered to ensure cancelation of noise and minimize outside disturbance to a great extent. Furthermore, you can also block breathing sounds by adjusting the boom arm as per your convenience. Also, if you want to want to mute the microphone and go off the communication channel, all you have to do is simply lift the boom arm, and you are good to go.