Astro A50 Wireless Headset PS4 GEN3, Green

Dhs. 949.00
SKU nim223052
The Best Gaming Sound
The Astro PS4 wireless headset makes your favorite action packed, adventurous games more immersive and exciting with its top-class acoustic performance. It works on a 5GHz wireless technology for stable, disturbance-free sound output at a high frequency. It adds a spectacular stereophonic sound and cinematic audio with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound technology.

Comfortable Gameplay
The Astro A50 headset makes sure there’s never a point during your gameplay that you feel dizzy and hot around your head and ears. Its ear cushions are made using cloth and backed with synthetic leather for maximum wearing comfort and best acoustic performance. The band is constructed using sturdy and light materials that offer a perfect, contouring fit even for glass wearers. So you quit playing only when you want to.

Uncomplicated Setups
The Astro gaming headphones include a base station transmitter for hassle-free connectivity and charging. It has a display that indicates the charging status and total battery of the docked headset, so you always have a fully powered one for your next gaming session. The headset's Lithium-Ion battery, once fully charged, offers up to 15 hours of use. Change the audio of the headset to suit your preferences with the intuitive MixAmp technology. To control the settings beyond sound, you have the ASTRO Command Center software. You can also connect and chat with gamers using the 6.0mm, unidirectional noise canceling microphone.